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The textures and shapes of a big little city.

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There is no real standardization to the sidewalks, every few meters the terrain changes.

Without getting far into details about Belo Horizonte, I think it’s imperative that I give you a small bit of background information on the city. Belo, or BH as locals affectionately (and sometimes passionately) refer to it, could be best characterized as a HUGE little city. This characterization is due to the fact that, although with a population of massive proportion, the city has been able to retain a personal aspect; locals, no matter how far apart the address or social class, always seem to know someone in common. This leads to ever expanding social circles that make the people of this city seem like one big family, comprised entirely of odd cousins. Aside from the social intricacies, Belo also has a plethora of textures, shapes, colors, dispersed through a rough and irregular field of steep and narrow roads, crossed by wide and flat avenues. Take a look at a road-map, add to it the huge volume of passenger buses on the streets, constantly dodging pedestrians and other vehicles, and you will most certainly see the beautiful urban chaos that seems to be particular to this town. More examples after the break!

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Written by Fred Bonatto

April 22, 2010 at 12:48 pm

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